Approaching Your Differences About Money

The decision about whether and when to join bank accounts is one that couples should make consciously.  It can be a mistake to join bank accounts before differences have been talked through.  While joining bank accounts can make organizing finances easier in the short-term, in the long-term it can become an enormous source of tension. Especially if the couple does not share spending habits and financial philosophies, finances can cause disagreements and stress. If you find that you and your spouse constantly argue over spending and allocation of finances, you may need to revisit the setup of your bank accounts and set boundaries for shared income.

Benefits of Addressing Differences

Establishing fresh ground rules for money management within your marriage can be enormously beneficial. While it may be awkward or uncomfortable to address certain spending habits, it will ultimately help release certain tensions between you and your partner. You need to be able to share frustrations and build a plan to resolve them together. Some benefits of reestablishing fiscal boundaries include:

  • Helping both partners understand any points of frustration or disappointment.
  • Reminding the couple of what the real numbers of their finances involve and where money goes every month.
  • Building a new financial plan that will benefit both partners.
  • Giving each partner the freedom to spend in a way that is agreeable to both parties.

Addressing and reforming finances can be difficult, and circumventing hurt feelings can at times result in a resolution that is less than ideal. Fortunately, an Austin marriage counselor can help you and your partner through this process and assist you in creating a financial system that works for everyone.

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