Balancing Work and Family

Today, more and more families include two parents with full-time jobs. Focusing on a career can be time-consuming, but it is important to find a balance between time spent at work and time spent with family. Here are some tips for spouses to follow if work seems to be getting in the way of their relationship:

  • Make a list of tasks – Writing out a list of tasks to be done at work and at home, will allow you to clearly recognize your top priorities. Coming home from work and knowing you accomplished your work tasks will relieve stress and allow you to spend more time with your family.  If you must do some of your work from home, set aside a specific time and amount of time to accomplish it so that you can be predictably engaged with your family or spouse the rest of the time.
  • Divide the responsibilities – Instead of feeling like everything is your personal responsibility, try dividing household tasks between spouses and children. Tasks will get done faster, allowing more time for your family to spend together as a whole. Share a list of tasks with family members and assign tasks equally.
  • Embrace flexibility – As with any family, some days don’t go according to plan. Try to leave time in your schedule for surprises so that you can get back on track as soon as possible. Try to deal with issues as they occur rather than delaying their resolution.
  • Get help – If you are struggling to balance work with family or other relationships, do not hesitate to seek help. Counseling is a wonderful way to resolve issues and receive advice.

If attention to your marriage or family has become unbalanced due to your work, counseling can help.  Many couples have been able to achieve a more satisfying balance between work and family or spouse, with Kathleen’s help.  She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has served couples in the Austin area for over 20 years.  Contact her to discuss which of her services best suits your situation by calling (512) 659-8600.