Benefits of a Long Distance Relationship

Being apart from your significant other can be the hardest thing to have to experience in a relationship. It can be difficult to cope with infrequent visits, time zone differences, and the added costs associated with having to travel to see each other in person. However, long distance relationships bring with them more than just hardships; they can also provide an opportunity for you and your significant other to both learn and grow as individuals and become closer as a couple.

Some Positive Outcomes of Long Distance Relationships

While it is certainly true that couples separated by distance will face a number of hardships, successful long distance relationships offer a number of benefits. For example, couples who work to maintain their long distance romance will enjoy:

  • Better communication skills. Long distance is all about communicating and this time apart will allow you to hone this skill.
  • Meaningful interactions. When you see your partner day to day the relationship can become monotonous. But when you put concerted effort into making time for a visit, your conversations and interactions will be more special.
  • Increased sexual desire. Being apart will fuel your desire for each other and prevent monotonous daily routines from forming. Distance can help couples sustain the spark.
  • Long distance relationships require an incredible amount of work and commitment from both partners, but, with time and effort, the ultimate result can be a strong and healthy relationship.

Discuss Long Distance Relationships with an Austin Marriage Counselor

If you are struggling with a long distance relationship, couples therapy can help you recover your relationship and be able to enjoy the love you share. Call Kathleen Snyder from Austin’s Marriage Like New: Therapy for Couples today at 512-659-8600 to learn more about how you can begin reconciling your relationship and returning to that state of love and happiness that you and your partner once shared.