Common Myths about Infidelity

Infidelity has the potential to tear a relationship apart. Knowing how to approach an extramarital affair is extremely important in rebuilding your relationship. The mass media has generated many myths about affairs that make it seem like an affair is impossible to recover from, but marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder believes that no marriage is doomed. Below are some common myths about affairs that are actually not true.

The Myths

“The adulterer will cheat on you with someone younger.”
The common perception is that if your spouse cheats, it will be because they are attracted to someone much younger. Oftentimes, the subject of an affair will be neither younger nor richer than the current spouse.

“The cheater will plan the affair before any infidelity actually takes place.”
In many cases, cheating is not planned and can happen on a whim, especially when alcohol is involved.

“After an affair, it is impossible to be happy in a marriage again.”
A lot of people don’t hear about success stories after affairs because people choose not to disclose the problems with their marriage to coworkers, neighbors, and friends. The reality is that, although some marriages do fail after an affair, many couples are able to work through an affair and be happy with each other again.  Recovering from an affair can result in a marriage that is stronger than ever.

“It’s all about the sex.”
Cheating is caused by a variety of factors, both emotional and sexual. Many people think that a person who chooses to cheat isn’t “getting enough” at home, or that their emotional needs aren’t being met. In reality, some adulterers report satisfaction with their marriage.

“Once a cheater, always a cheater.”
Many cases of infidelity happen only once.

“A cheating spouse will leave clues.”
Many affairs are impossible to detect. Just because a spouse doesn’t know that their partner is cheating, it doesn’t mean they are naive.

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