Conflicts in Early Marriage Years

Marriage is often depicted in the media as never-ending passionate and enduring romantic love. The “honeymoon phase” is the common stage of a relationship or marriage that involves intense physical and emotional attraction. However, when couples find that this period eventually wanes, some partners may be left feeling lost or confused. Fortunately, the bonds formed after this time can be stronger and more rewarding.

Marriage is a commitment that couples often enter into with specific expectations. An Austin marriage counselor like Kathleen Snyder can help couples navigate the expectations and challenges that many face while adjusting to married life.

Tips for Working through Early Marriage Problems

Marriage involves constant work from the two partners involved. Open communication is essential for any marriage; however, there are tips and tricks that may help a young marriage thrive during the difficult transition process:

  • Identify when early marital conflict is a temporary problem due to the transition, or a more persistent problem within the marriage itself
  • Find little, concrete ways to compromise with your partner
  • Work on improving yourself, not your partner
  • Hold on to positive thoughts and share positivity with your spouse

Many of these things may be easier said than done; a marriage counselor can explore each point and give you concrete steps and advice specifically tailored to your relationship and lifestyle.

Talk with an Austin Marriage Counselor

If you and your spouse are finding marriage to be a difficult transition, you may benefit from speaking with a marriage counselor. Kathleen Snyder has extensive experience working with couples to improve marriages at all stages. Please call (512) 659-8600 for more information about how she can help.