Consequences of Technology on a Marriage

Technology is an undeniably integral part of the modern world and helps society in many ways by making our lives easier on a daily basis. In fact, many people these days were able to meet their spouses through online dating websites. Unfortunately, there are some negative aspects to technology as well, especially when it comes to our relationships. Technology may seem like a harmless aspect of our lives, but it can quickly cause problems in our relationships and marriages.

How Technology can Negatively Affect a Marriage

Technology can lead to a number of disagreements and serious arguments between couples. It can present some serious hurdles when it comes to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship. Some negative consequences of technology include:

  • Distracting one spouse from the other when they are together
  • Replacing conversation with less engaging activities, such as watching television
  • Making it easy to be mean—spouses may say things during an argument over text or email that they would not say in person
  • Exchanging physical intimacy for less personal interactions, such as those that occur over social media websites or text messages
  • Providing an opportunity for words to be misinterpreted—we are not afforded the nonverbal cues necessary for good communication when we send and receive messages over text or email
  • Giving a spouse the opportunity to constantly be working, long after they get home

These are only some of the ways technology can negatively affect a relationship. Because so many individuals are addicted to technology these days, it can be next to impossible for couples to unplug in order to spend valuable time with each other.

Contact a Marriage Counselor in Austin

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