Dealing with Strong Emotions in a Relationship

There are many challenges that couples can face in the course of their relationship.  Sometimes, these issues can lead to strong emotions that, when expressed, can interfere with their love and respect for one another. In some cases, one or both partners may be naturally emotional people who tend towards strong emotions, whereas in others, these emotions may only become a problem after serious struggles in a relationship. In either situation, individuals may benefit from professional help with handling and expressing these feelings.

Regardless of how strong emotions arise, they can have a significant effect on a relationship, limiting the ability of partners to work through their differences and stabilize their relationship. As such, recognizing and managing strong emotions is essential for the health of many relationships. Fortunately, licensed marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder can help Austin-area couples develop the skills they need to deal with intense feelings and make them a part of constructive communication.

How to Confront Strong Emotions

Often, when partners in a relationship begin to feel strong or even uncontrollable emotions, the underlying cause is differences about how to handle something within the relationship itself. More often than not, however, what brings up strong emotions is the WAY the partners talk to each other when they get stressed.  Working through these issues can help individuals not only calm their strong emotions, but also get to solutions that work. The following are some of the most effective ways to achieve this goal:

  • Maintain open, honest communication with your partner
  • Speak about your distress, i.e. what is happening and how you feel when it happens
  • Learn to validate your partner’s experience
  • Take note of what triggers your emotions
  • Find opportunities for emotional and stress relief

These and other steps can help you to find a way to manage your strong emotions so that they can lead you to solutions rather than to conflict, resentment and drifting apart in your relationship.

Speak with a Marriage Counselor in Austin

If you have issues with strong emotions in your relationship, you may benefit from the assistance of a qualified relationship and marriage counselor. Contact Kathleen Snyder today at 512-659-8600 to speak with a trained professional counselor and learn more about how relationship counseling can be of help.