Differences in Parenting Styles and Relationship Damage

For many parents, the way they raise their children is one of the most important parts of their life. Therefore, when parents have substantial differences in how they would like their children to be raised, it can cause considerable difficulty in their relationship.

While there are a vast array of parenting styles, differences in parenting largely come down to whether there should be a greater focus on nurturing or disciplining the child. The truth is, children need both.  Unfortunately, when parents disagree about which approach to give greater focus, that disagreement can put emotional distance between them.  One parent intensifies their attention to nurturing the child and the other becomes ever stricter. This can have negative consequences for both the child and the parents’ relationship.

Resolving Differences in Parenting Styles

Every relationship is unique, so there is no universal solution for resolving differences in parenting style. Nevertheless, there are some steps that parents can take to solve this problem, including:

  • Communicate clearly and openly about differing viewpoints
  • See the issue from the other partner’s perspective
  • Validate the need for both nurture and discipline
  • Remain open to concessions

Learn More About Resolving Differences in Parenting Styles

If your relationship has been affected by disputes about parenting style, it may be useful to discuss resolving these differences with a relationship counselor. Contact Kathleen Snyder today at 512-659-8600 to learn more about what relationship counseling can to do to help you through this issue.