Effects of Low Self-Esteem on a Marriage

Low self-esteem is something countless individuals suffer from on a daily basis, often beginning very early in life. It can be easy for our insecurities to be magnified in our marriages, as we tend to focus less on ourselves and more on the relationship as time passes. Unfortunately, when this lack of confidence infects a marriage, it can have extremely adverse effects on a couple.

Marriages often reflect what’s going on in our lives and minds; strong, self-confident individuals will often enjoy healthy relationships with their spouses, while couples who struggle with individual self-doubt may see several negative effects manifest in their marriages. Because of this, low self-esteem can be a serious problem worth addressing.

Negative Consequences of Low Confidence

When one or both spouses suffer from low self-esteem, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. Just a few of the many ways in which low self-confidence can affect a marriage are:

  • Frequent fights
  • Mistrust of a spouse
  • Extreme jealousy
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Difficulty being vulnerable with one another
  • Inability to constructively discuss relationship problems

Even though lack of confidence is inherently a personal problem, it can insidiously destroy a marriage before couples realize it. Fortunately, with the help of a marriage counselor, couples can explore methods for coping with insecurities.

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