Emotional Abuse in a Marriage

In any marriage, arguments and disagreements are bound to happen and are perfectly normal in most cases. However, when these conflicts lead to emotional abuse, the effects on a couple can be catastrophic. Emotional abuse can be seen in the form of yelling and name-calling but can also be seen when one partner attempts to intimidate the other regularly. If you or your partner is feeling that they are not being valued in the relationship or that they are not worth being loved, emotional abuse may be taking place.

Effects of Emotional Abuse on a Marriage

Emotional abuse can have many negative effects on, not only an individual, but the relationship as a whole. Some effects of emotional abuse include:

  • Less communication with your partner
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Abused partner feels afraid or edgy at times
  • Abused partner may fall into depression or suffer from anxiety
  • Relationship termination

Recognizing that emotional abuse is taking place in your marriage is the first step to helping your relationship, as well as not allowing the abuse to escalate. Couples therapy is one of the best methods to address emotional abuse in a marriage and can lead to an overall healthier partnership.

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