How a Narcissistic Partner May Be Affecting Your Marriage

Narcissism is one of the most volatile personality types to come across because of narcissists’ tendency to overinflate their sense of worth to the point where they no longer experience empathy for others’ feelings. Narcissists deeply crave admiration and attention, and because of this, they may stop seeing their partner as a separate person and start to view them solely in the context of how they can serve their own needs. Being married to a narcissist can be overwhelming, exhausting, and toxic to mental health because of the sheer amount of energy it takes to love someone who is prone to entitlement and manipulation—qualities commonly associated with narcissism. Fortunately, marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder can offer support and help marriages that have been marred by a partner’s narcissistic tendencies.

How Is My Relationship Being Affected?

Although narcissistic traits can be viewed positively in the beginning of a relationship, over time, the revelry over their “big” personality and over-confidence diminishes. Narcissistic partners tend to be controlling, needy, and have difficulty truly loving others. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you may be experiencing the following things:

  • Loneliness, because your needs aren’t being met and your feelings aren’t being addressed
  • Negative self-image, because of your partner’s tendency to lash out, blame you, criticize, or berate your self-esteem to discourage you from leaving them
  • Unhappiness, because of your partner’s controlling or jealous behavior
  • Co-dependency, because your partner has manipulated you into thinking you can do no better than them

Narcissism can have significant negative impacts on a relationship and often leads to an unequal power balance that makes having a truly successful marriage difficult. However, these behaviors are not set in stone and work promoting compassion rather than esteem can lessen the harmful impact of a narcissistic partner.

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