How to Support Your Spouse Through Addiction

How to Support Your Spouse Through Addiction

Across America, more than 23 million individuals are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. Addiction of any kind not only takes a toll on the addict but also on their family members and loved ones. As the spouse of an addict, you are in a position to see the full effects of their addiction and it may often feel like you are entirely unable to help. However, there are many steps you can take to help support your partner and yourself through the long process of recovery. In order to maintain the strength of your marriage while your spouse is struggling with addiction, it is important to take action and work protect the emotional stability of your home.

Addiction is a difficult disease to beat and many people struggle with it for their whole lives; a strong and loving support system can help a former addict maintain their sobriety or a current addict seek assistance. Understanding how to manage marriage and addiction is difficult, but a licensed marriage and family therapist can help. Kathleen Snyder is prepared to help you and your spouse discuss their addiction and find the right solution for your marriage.

Ways You Can Help

When helping your spouse through addiction, you may be tempted to focus entirely on their behavior and feelings. However, it is important to care for your needs as well, so that you may be better prepared to assist them when necessary. You can make small changes to your lifestyle which will protect your emotional well-being, while still helping your spouse fight addiction. Some of the steps you should take include:

  • Create a substance-free environment and build healthy habits. Improving your home environment and encouraging healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising can be a great way to help your spouse fight cravings
  • Set boundaries in your relationship that help to give you the space to practice self-care and separate you from the situation when needed
  • Suggest your spouse join a support group for current or recovering addicts and go to a separate one yourself. Many addiction groups also provide additional support for the family and friends of the addict

These ideas require little to no financial expense and minimal time dedication, and they can be important steps to beginning the discussion of and movement towards and healthier marriage and lifestyle. Essential to each of these steps, however, is that you and your spouse must work together to find the solutions that work best for the both of you.

Contact a Marriage Counselor

If your partner is suffering from addiction and you feel that you’ve tried everything you can, or you do not know where to begin, marriage counseling may be the right option for you. With over 20 years of experience, Kathleen Snyder is prepared to help you work through any marital problems you may be facing, in order to find a solution to help both you and your spouse live happier lives. To set up your first appointment, contact her at (512) 659-8600 today.