Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

When a couple seeks marriage counseling, one of the first things a marriage counselor may try to do is restore the couple’s sense of the obligation to the broader aspects of their relationship. To help couples get a better handle on the big picture of their relationship, couples will be asked to reexamine two of the most basic kinds of relationship maintenance: understanding what differences there are to work out and then effectively communicating so that those differences may be worked out.

Under almost every circumstance, effective communication will not be possible whenever stress responses—those associated with fight or flight—interfere with a person’s ability to properly understand the difference that needs to be worked out. Through marriage counseling, couples are taught techniques to manage these stress responses and discover new ways to communicate their feelings to their partners.

Restoring Big Picture Aspects of a Relationship

Once couples are capable of better understanding and communicating about whatever differences are at play in a given dispute, they will have a solid foundation upon which their relationship may begin to grow once again.

During marriage counseling, the first phase of counseling will typically focus upon resolving the couples’ disputes so that foundation may be reestablished. The second phase of therapy will then focus on helping the couple rebuild their intimacy and friendship.

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