Managing Your Anger After an Affair

Discovering that your spouse has been unfaithful to you is likely to be the most devastating event of your marriage. In some cases, couples are unable to reconcile after an affair and choose to go their separate ways instead. In many other instances, however, couples choose to work through the fallout of an affair to rebuild some of the more foundational aspects of their marriage. Though there is good reason for a spouse to feel angry with his or her unfaithful partner, prolonged anger and resentment will constitute serious obstructions to the process of recovery.

Working Through the Issues

If you and your partner are committed to rebuilding your marriage, both of you should consider working through your issues with a qualified marriage counselor who can help you develop the means to manage your anger so that you can move forward with your marriage. With that in mind, you and your partner may spend time during your counseling sessions working on the following:

  • Understanding how resentments can build and discovering how you may avoid them with communication
  • Discovering conducive outlets for your anger—many people express their feelings in a journal so they may more effectively communicate to their partner
  • Learning healthier modes of communication so you can work through issues as they come up
  • Understanding the long-term commitments you will both need to make to the relationship

Now that you and your partner are committed to making your relationship work, you should consider working with an experienced marriage counselor who can help you cultivate the skills necessary to foster that process.

Consult with a Marriage Counselor in Austin

If you and your partner would like to move forward with your relationship after an affair, you should consider working with Kathleen Snyder in Austin to learn more about what that process will look like for the both of you. To schedule an appointment with a relationship counselor in Austin, please call our office at 512-659-8600 today.