Marriage Counseling for Military Families

Having a spouse in the armed services can place stress on marriages and family relationships. Deployment can cause anxiety in spouses and children, and the prolonged separation can be damaging. Counseling is a great coping mechanism for families struggling with being separated from a loved one during their deployment.

Why Counseling Helps

Though every family is different, here are a few issues commonly found in families that have one or more parent serving in the armed services:

  • Anxiety ā€“ families often become anxious because they cannot anticipate when a spouse or parent will be called into active duty.
  • Depression ā€“ separation causes sadness, but sometimes that sadness spirals out of control. Depression prevents families from handling daily tasks in a normal manner, and can even lead to irritability.
  • Fighting ā€“ separation can cause families to lose their bond, resulting in fights and arguments. Families become angry with their situation and tend to take their anger out on those closest to them.

Your family may be going through something similar due to the effects of separation and anxiety caused by military deployment. It takes incredible strength to be a military family, and counseling could help strengthen that bond.

Contact a Counselor

Serving for our country is an honorable act, but can carry painful familial consequences. If your family contains a service member and is struggling through this difficult time, contact caring and experienced Austin family and marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder at Marriage Like New by calling (512) 659-8600 to discuss what kind of therapy may be right for your family.