Outside Friendships and Their Effect on Your Marriage

After two people commit themselves to each other by getting married, it is important for each of them to make an effort when it comes to maintaining relationships with their friends. When external friends help married people retain a healthy sense of individuality, these friendships can have a positive effect on the marriage overall and can lead to a general increase in happiness for the married couple.

However, when one spouse’s friendships contribute to unhealthy attitudes that allow for neglect and mistrust between the married couple, these relationships can be incredibly detrimental to the marriage. These kinds of toxic friendships can cause major disagreements and conflict that can ultimately lead to the decay of the marriage.

Negative Consequences of outside Friendships on a Marriage

While some friendships can make relationships better, toxic friendships can cause a couple to drift apart or be in constant conflict. Some of the negative consequences a friendship like this can have on a marriage include:

  • Jealously of one spouse toward the friend of the other spouse
  • A spouse spending more time with their friend than their husband/wife
  • A friend encouraging one spouse to engage in dangerous or illegal activities
  • A friend disparaging the marriage and causing negative feelings to transfer to the spouse
  • Arguments between the disruptive friend and the other spouse

There are a number of other effects a negative friendship can have on a marriage. For many couples, if the spouse has been friends with the individual for a long time or is very close with the friend, combating the negative effects of the friendship can seem impossible.

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