Resolving Conflict in a Marriage through Communication

Marriages are not always a walk in the park. Every relationship involves hard work and the desire to partner with your spouse while facing all of life’s problems. Having a significant other that loves us can easily be taken for granted, leading to a strained relationship or lack of communication. One of the most helpful tools spouses can have to improve their marriage is good communication.

Communication allows for better conflict resolutions or, better yet, conflict prevention. In the beginning of a relationship, communication is less of a problem because there is newness and a need to connect with your partner. Later on in a marriage, however, couples can become complacent and fail to work on their communication skills. This one area is necessary to continue to improve your relationship with your partner and maintain marital bliss.

Improving Communication Skills

Not all couples communicate in the same way, so finding a method that works for your relationship will be the first step in working on communication. The following examples are ways to enhance your own communication skills with your partner:

  • Use non-accusatory language
  • Choose language that will help your relationship, not hurt it
  • Remind your partner how much you care about and appreciate them
  • Create a “hot word” to use when one spouse needs time to cool down in an argument
  • Express needs and wants clearly

Improving any marriage when conflict resolution is already a problem can be difficult to do without help. That being said, marriage counselors are experienced professionals that may be able to walk you through the steps of bettering your relationship with your spouse.

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