Reviving Sex and Intimacy in a Marriage

Couples typically choose to enter into a marriage because they love each other and want to join their lives together in an intimate way. When a marriage suffers from a lack of sexual intimacy, it can feel as if a partnership lacks other important characteristics such as communication, trust, stability, and love. Sexual intimacy in a relationship can suffer due to a number of reasons, such as infidelity, health problems, and stress. A strong couple that has a mutual desire to work through these emotional situations may find that working to revive intimacy is a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

Good Practices to Encourage Intimacy

Building habits that encourage an open dialogue in a couple are important for bringing back lost intimacy. Poor communication is one of the most common roadblocks in marriage. The following includes areas in which both partners can focus on improving to revive intimacy:

  • Be understanding and forgiving
  • Be more generous
  • Be appreciative and validating
  • Communication is key

Restoring a marriage is not always an easy task. However, the rewards are great when you are able to come home to a loving household. Since a married couple is the foundation of any family, improving your relationship will be beneficial for you, your children (if any), and your daily life.

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