Talking with your Partner about Drifting Apart

Talking with your Partner about Drifting Apart

As the years pass by, it is not uncommon for couples to begin feeling as though they are drifting apart. In many instances, this feeling has more to do with each individual’s personal growth than anything else. Nonetheless, the sense that you are drifting away from your spouse can be burdensome and difficult to bring up in conversation. Keeping that in mind, many couples elect to work with a marriage counselor to bring the issue to light and to get a productive conversation underway.

Importance of Communication When Drifting Apart

By bringing your feelings to light, your partner will be able to understand how you feel about the relationship. However, before anything else, it will be necessary to get the conversation started. Marriage counselors can help get the ball rolling on conversations about:

  • What has kept you each from talking about this before
  • Why you each may be spending less time with one another
  • Why you may be experiencing reduced intimacy
  • What you can do to get past the issue

Once you both know what the other thinks about the situation, you will have adequate tools to begin mending your relationship.

Work with a Relationship Counselor to Open a Dialogue

If you feel as though you are drifting away from your partner or that your partner is drifting away from you, taking some time to speak with a marriage counselor can make a big difference in your relationship. To schedule an appointment with licensed Austin Marriage and Family therapist Kathleen Snyder, please call her office at 512-659-8600.