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Ways to keeping the spark in your relationship

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Rekindling your relationship with your partner does not require too much effort and time. To maintain a strong marriage, a simple change in your attitude goes a long way and can yield a stronger, happier relationship. Here are some tips to help you sizzle your fizzled relationship: Pay Attention – Listen closely to your partner the same way you were during your first dates. Making them feel that you are accessible whenever they need someone sets you as their go-to person, improving your connection and closeness with each other. Spark the Fire – It doesn’t have to be a luxurious trip to Maldives or a dinner in a fancy restaurant. Sometimes, the best experience starts with a spontaneous dance in the living room or a movie date after work. Be Courteous – Sometimes, we unconsciously say harsh words that impact our relationship with our partner. Being able to manage our emotions and becoming aware of our partner’s feelings, especially during a fight, can save you the trouble in the long run. If you are having difficulty improving your relationship with your partner, turn to licensed marriage and family therapist Kathleen Snyder at (512)...

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Signs your marriage is failing

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Every day, we hear stories of marriages falling apart. These couples started out with the best of intentions for each other, but somehow, things happened that left their relationship broken. While it is almost impossible to identify why your relationship is failing, it pays to look for indicators that signal your marriage is in trouble. Here are some signs you need to watch out for: Comparison London-based counsellor Carole Nyman says when people are not satisfied with a partner, they often view other couples as happier. Comparing your relationship to other couples gives a false sense of expectations your partner cannot realistically meet. Intimacy Problems Feeling rejected by your partner is a clear warning of a broken relationship. A change in sex routines, such as being less affectionate and less connected during sex, are just some examples of changes in the love style. Broken Communication Not communicating with your spouse signals your marriage is breaking up. This issue may even lead to a third party relationship, because you’re looking for someone to talk to. If you or someone you know is in a troubled relationship, get in touch with marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder MFT at...

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Tips for Parents: How to Communicate with Children

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Parenting to an older child can be a very daunting task. You have to educate, discipline, and be involved in the children’s activities all at the same time. Psychologists have recommended some important points to remember so their parent-child relationship would be ideal and happy. Talking Time – Have regular bonding time with the kids, such as at dinnertime, before sleep, and during weekends. Know their interests and inclinations by starting a conversation and let them know you are interested in them. Listening time – When children start to talk about their concerns, listen attentively. Let them finish what they are trying to say before responding and ensure you understand what they are saying by repeating it. Responding – The time when you express your opinion even if you disagree by saying it in a gentle manner. Focus on the child’s feelings or sentiments. Ask them if they need an advice during the conversation. Parenting is challenging yet fulfilling. Engaging them in free chats and fun activities will make parent-child relationship a fruitful one. If you are having problems over a considerable period of time, you might want to consider consulting with a marriage or parenting expert. Contact Kathleen Snyder MFT, an experienced counselor from Austin, Texas, by calling...

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How to Maintain a Happy Marriage

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Whatever the couple’s status in society, every marriage goes through rough times. What is important is the willingness of each partner to accept their shortcomings and work out their relationships. In order to maintain the harmony, some of the useful points are needed : Share some regular moments together—it can be any activity, such as having morning coffee or have dinner together. It will help you liven up and be able to lessen the daily work stress. Don’t forget to say words of affection to each other. Communication is the key – if there are any disparities, talk it out freely. In the case of communication issues, there is always room for improvement, like taking some online or practical classes. Money – this is one aspect that should be agreed upon before really taking the vow. Having a joint account is often a good idea, but it is also advisable to keep a separate account for personal expenses. Don’t neglect sex – psychologists advise couples to have somewhat regular intercourse even with a hectic schedule. It’s all in the management of time. Prioritize your union – in the midst of life’s challenges, stick on to your marriage goals. The storm will subside and remember Robert Schuller’s “Tough times never last but tough people do.” Even before you and your partner begin to face strife, it’s often a good idea to seek out a counselor as a third-party to help reveal your strengths and shortcomings in a relationship. Contact Kathleen Snyder MFT if you are interested in strengthening your relationship. Call (512) 659-8600...

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Balancing work and family

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In today’s busy and and productivity-oriented society, workers are having hard time balancing between the demands of their jobs and family affairs. The stress of balancing work and family causes many people to suffer physical and mental illness, strains familial relationships, and can lead to poor performance at work. In order to achieve a meaningful and inspiring life in careers and family, here is some helpful advice: Seek balance–Your job should be challenging, but should not overwhelm you. The size of your family will also play a factor in how demanding of a job you may be able to take on. Involve people you value most–if possible, seek the advice and assistance of family members, i.e., mother-in-law, uncles, in dealing with taking care of small kids and other errands. Set up boundaries–try to set limits in commitments that would be unfavorable to work or family. Imbalance is sometimes real–Sometimes, achieving the work/life balance you want can be impossible. Based on our preferences, we sometimes neglect work or family responsibilities. If you are having difficulty balancing between your family and work life and feel it is affecting your marriage, you can consult with an experienced and dedicated marriage therapist. Share your story with licensed marriage and family therapist Kathleen Snyder by calling (512)...

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