Balancing work and family

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In today’s busy and and productivity-oriented society, workers are having hard time balancing between the demands of their jobs and family affairs.

The stress of balancing work and family causes many people to suffer physical and mental illness, strains familial relationships, and can lead to poor performance at work. In order to achieve a meaningful and inspiring life in careers and family, here is some helpful advice:

  1. Seek balance–Your job should be challenging, but should not overwhelm you. The size of your family will also play a factor in how demanding of a job you may be able to take on.
  2. Involve people you value most–if possible, seek the advice and assistance of family members, i.e., mother-in-law, uncles, in dealing with taking care of small kids and other errands.
  3. Set up boundaries–try to set limits in commitments that would be unfavorable to work or family.
  4. Imbalance is sometimes real–Sometimes, achieving the work/life balance you want can be impossible. Based on our preferences, we sometimes neglect work or family responsibilities.

If you are having difficulty balancing between your family and work life and feel it is affecting your marriage, you can consult with an experienced and dedicated marriage therapist. Share your story with licensed marriage and family therapist Kathleen Snyder by calling (512) 659-8600.