Is your marriage safe from divorce?

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Is there really a threshold, a point in a couple’s life, where they can safely bid the jitters of divorce goodbye? Relationships, especially marriage, requires work and input from both partners, so it’s important that the people involved vigilantly nurture it so that it continues to grow. When a relationship remains neglected for too long, it may deteriorate.  You might say that for anything to grow it must be watered!

Many studies have attempted to clearly label which marriages are more likely to fail and which will last. Researchers from the University of Michigan, for instance, have found that the risk of divorce gets higher when the wife gets sick. Another study tried to explore a couple’s risk of divorce if their parents are divorced. Some studies have associated divorce to young marriages, frequent use of social media, even the city where a couple lives. Some have even tried to link the likelihood of divorce to having a tall husband.

Despite all these studies, however, no couple can, without a doubt, say they are safe from a break up. The road to a happy marriage almost always has some hardship and obstacles, and it is important for couples to be prepared, no matter how invulnerable they may seem. A marriage counselor can help you and your partner identify and work around these obstacles.

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