Signs your marriage is failing

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Every day, we hear stories of marriages falling apart. These couples started out with the best of intentions for each other, but somehow, things happened that left their relationship broken. While it is almost impossible to identify why your relationship is failing, it pays to look for indicators that signal your marriage is in trouble. Here are some signs you need to watch out for:


London-based counsellor Carole Nyman says when people are not satisfied with a partner, they often view other couples as happier. Comparing your relationship to other couples gives a false sense of expectations your partner cannot realistically meet.

Intimacy Problems

Feeling rejected by your partner is a clear warning of a broken relationship. A change in sex routines, such as being less affectionate and less connected during sex, are just some examples of changes in the love style.

Broken Communication

Not communicating with your spouse signals your marriage is breaking up. This issue may even lead to a third party relationship, because you’re looking for someone to talk to.

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