4 Signs You Need to See a Marriage Counselor

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4 Signs You Need to See a Marriage Counselor Relationships are rarely easy; they require hard work, communication, and understanding. When a marriage is under strain, many people are reluctant to seek help and go to couples therapy. It is common to think that you and your partner can resolve any fights or issues on your own, which may be the case in some situations. However, there are certain signs in marriages that indicate it is time to seek the help of a marriage counselor. Here are the top four signs that suggest you may need couples therapy: You or your partner has had an affair. This is the most common issue that leads couples to seek professional help. Affairs can happen for many reasons—common explanations are revenge and lack of intimacy in the marriage. Affairs are almost always a sign of deeper issues in a relationship, and marriage counseling is often the best way to uncover the underlying reasons for an affair. You are having the same arguments repeatedly. If you and your spouse seem to be constantly having the same fight, it is probably time to see a counselor. This is especially true if the argument is about important issues, such as finances, kids, or religion. It is natural to have disagreements, but if you feel like you and your partner keep going around in circles about the same topics, it can be very beneficial to your relationship to seek the help of a marriage counselor. You aren’t talking. It is no secret that communication is key in a marriage. When you and your spouse simply are not communicating, the distance between the two of you will only widen over time if the issue is not addressed. A visit to a marriage counselor can help create or restore open and honest communication in your relationship. There has been a shift in your sex life. It is common to go through different phases of intimacy in a marriage, but if there has been a significant change in your sexual relationship with your spouse, this may signify deeper problems. A marriage counselor can help you address this issue with your partner. If you are going through any of the issues listed above, it may be time to visit a marriage counselor. Seeking the help of a counselor is not a sign of weakness or shame. In fact, seeing a counselor can be a sign of commitment to a healthy relationship with your spouse. If you are considering marriage counseling, do not hesitate to contact the office of therapist Kathleen Snyder MFT. She has years of experience helping married couples through a range of problems, and will do everything she can to see that you and your spouse find strength and happiness together. Contact the office of Kathleen Snyder today by calling (512)...

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Signs your marriage is failing

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Every day, we hear stories of marriages falling apart. These couples started out with the best of intentions for each other, but somehow, things happened that left their relationship broken. While it is almost impossible to identify why your relationship is failing, it pays to look for indicators that signal your marriage is in trouble. Here are some signs you need to watch out for: Comparison London-based counsellor Carole Nyman says when people are not satisfied with a partner, they often view other couples as happier. Comparing your relationship to other couples gives a false sense of expectations your partner cannot realistically meet. Intimacy Problems Feeling rejected by your partner is a clear warning of a broken relationship. A change in sex routines, such as being less affectionate and less connected during sex, are just some examples of changes in the love style. Broken Communication Not communicating with your spouse signals your marriage is breaking up. This issue may even lead to a third party relationship, because you’re looking for someone to talk to. If you or someone you know is in a troubled relationship, get in touch with marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder MFT at...

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Balancing work and family

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In today’s busy and and productivity-oriented society, workers are having hard time balancing between the demands of their jobs and family affairs. The stress of balancing work and family causes many people to suffer physical and mental illness, strains familial relationships, and can lead to poor performance at work. In order to achieve a meaningful and inspiring life in careers and family, here is some helpful advice: Seek balance–Your job should be challenging, but should not overwhelm you. The size of your family will also play a factor in how demanding of a job you may be able to take on. Involve people you value most–if possible, seek the advice and assistance of family members, i.e., mother-in-law, uncles, in dealing with taking care of small kids and other errands. Set up boundaries–try to set limits in commitments that would be unfavorable to work or family. Imbalance is sometimes real–Sometimes, achieving the work/life balance you want can be impossible. Based on our preferences, we sometimes neglect work or family responsibilities. If you are having difficulty balancing between your family and work life and feel it is affecting your marriage, you can consult with an experienced and dedicated marriage therapist. Share your story with licensed marriage and family therapist Kathleen Snyder by calling (512)...

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Is Intimacy All But Gone?

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Has sex disappeared from your relationship? Or has it become all too infrequent?  There are many misbeliefs surrounding sex in marriage, many of which are destructive. Usually the problem with sex is that one partner is inclined to experience closeness by being sexual, while the other has become reluctant or disinterested.  Often the later needs to feel emotionally close in order to have sex and achieves that emotional closeness through talking, shared activities, or getting their To Do List off their mind.  While sex can be an important component of a loving union, it is not the only factor. A marriage’s overall success is the result of the love you share and your happiness together. When other relationship issues are addressed, sex often falls back into place.  Those issues may include: Medical issues Stress/Anxiety Bad communication Changing body image A new baby Conflict Financial worries Most of these issues can be worked out over time, or couples can make adjustments to their perceptions of gratifying sexual activity if there are permanent medical complications. Learning how and when to talk about your sexual relationship, so that both of you are satisfied, can make this part of your marriage vital again. Remember, while sex is a good way to show physical attraction and closeness, it is not the only way. Your bond will not disappear just because your sex life has slowed down. Nevertheless, these issues are important and deserve attention when they arise. If you and your spouse are working through issues of decreased libido or other sexual issues, a certified marriage counselor may be able to help you communicate effectively and resolve your differences. Call Marriage Like New at (512)-659-8600 and talk to Kathleen Snyder to schedule an appointment. She is an experienced marriage counselor with over 20 years specializing in couples...

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Top 4 Reasons Relationships Fail

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Every relationship has a learning curve that may take years for either spouse to understand. However, if you are struggling to understand your relationship, it may be beneficial for you to begin by understanding why some marriages end. A study released by psychology professor John Gottman on the leading reasons people get divorced sheds some light as to why it happens and how to prevent it. Below are his top four findings: Criticism – Only constructive criticism should be used, but even too much of that leads to reduced morale of the couple. Contempt – Regarded as the strongest indicator of divorce, it is best avoided at all times. Defensiveness – In a marriage there should be very few cases of defensiveness; it is important to always feel comfortable with your partner. Stonewalling – Commonly referred to as the “silent treatment,” frequently shutting down communication with a spouse creates an unhealthy marriage. By understanding and being conscious of these root causes, couples may be able to prevent serious marital issues before they arise. If you or someone you know is in a struggling relationship, please get help while you still want to repair it. Marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder, of Marriage Like New, has specialized in helping Austin couples maintain their marriages for two decades. Contact her office today at...

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Is your marriage safe from divorce?

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Is there really a threshold, a point in a couple’s life, where they can safely bid the jitters of divorce goodbye? Relationships, especially marriage, requires work and input from both partners, so it’s important that the people involved vigilantly nurture it so that it continues to grow. When a relationship remains neglected for too long, it may deteriorate.  You might say that for anything to grow it must be watered! Many studies have attempted to clearly label which marriages are more likely to fail and which will last. Researchers from the University of Michigan, for instance, have found that the risk of divorce gets higher when the wife gets sick. Another study tried to explore a couple’s risk of divorce if their parents are divorced. Some studies have associated divorce to young marriages, frequent use of social media, even the city where a couple lives. Some have even tried to link the likelihood of divorce to having a tall husband. Despite all these studies, however, no couple can, without a doubt, say they are safe from a break up. The road to a happy marriage almost always has some hardship and obstacles, and it is important for couples to be prepared, no matter how invulnerable they may seem. A marriage counselor can help you and your partner identify and work around these obstacles. Marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder has years of experience helping Austin couples build and maintain happy and healthy unions. To set an appointment with her, call her office at (512) 659-8600...

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