Ways to keeping the spark in your relationship

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Rekindling your relationship with your partner does not require too much effort and time. To maintain a strong marriage, a simple change in your attitude goes a long way and can yield a stronger, happier relationship. Here are some tips to help you sizzle your fizzled relationship:

  • Pay Attention – Listen closely to your partner the same way you were during your first dates. Making them feel that you are accessible whenever they need someone sets you as their go-to person, improving your connection and closeness with each other.
  • Spark the Fire – It doesn’t have to be a luxurious trip to Maldives or a dinner in a fancy restaurant. Sometimes, the best experience starts with a spontaneous dance in the living room or a movie date after work.
  • Be Courteous – Sometimes, we unconsciously say harsh words that impact our relationship with our partner. Being able to manage our emotions and becoming aware of our partner’s feelings, especially during a fight, can save you the trouble in the long run.

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