Tips for Parents: How to Communicate with Children

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Parenting to an older child can be a very daunting task. You have to educate, discipline, and be involved in the children’s activities all at the same time. Psychologists have recommended some important points to remember so their parent-child relationship would be ideal and happy.

  • Talking Time – Have regular bonding time with the kids, such as at dinnertime, before sleep, and during weekends. Know their interests and inclinations by starting a conversation and let them know you are interested in them.
  • Listening time – When children start to talk about their concerns, listen attentively. Let them finish what they are trying to say before responding and ensure you understand what they are saying by repeating it.
  • Responding – The time when you express your opinion even if you disagree by saying it in a gentle manner. Focus on the child’s feelings or sentiments. Ask them if they need an advice during the conversation.

Parenting is challenging yet fulfilling. Engaging them in free chats and fun activities will make parent-child relationship a fruitful one.

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