Looking for More in Your Relationship?

Stress and the challenges of life can take a toll on even the best marriage. The love and friendship you had at the beginning can start to seem like a distant dream. Once stress responses like pursue-withdraw or attack-defend start to take hold, they can turn into vicious circles that take over the relationship. When that happens, they crowd out the wonderful “you,” that each of you fell in love with and wanted to be with forever.

You can find your way back together.

The truth is, if you both want to get back to the love and friendship you once enjoyed, the chances are good –very good– that you can. The key is to get free from the stress cycles that have a hold on your interactions. Then you can repair the damage, work out your differences, and make room for friendship and intimacy to return.

Let me Help.

I can help you break out of the negative patterns and stress responses and get back to the kinds of interactions that build and nurture your relationship. When you’re free you’ll be able to hear and respond to one another’s underlying needs. You’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company again. You’ll be able to recreate that strong, loving connection that you once enjoyed. That’s why I call it “marriage like new.” And “like new” is only the beginning.  Believe it or not, many couples find that they can go beyond repair and get to “marriage better than we ever thought possible.”