Benefits of Waiting to Resolve an Argument

Proverbial wisdom tells couples to resolve their disagreements before they go to bed. As with most proverbial wisdom, argues Sarah Mahoney of Good Housekeeping, there’s only a shred of truth to this advice. What might be better advice, Mahoney claims, is to sleep on it so you and your partner may discuss the disagreement after you have both cooled off.

As most of us know, a serious argument with your partner can leave you feeling emotionally overwhelmed and, thereby, in no state to resolve the disagreement with any semblance of fairness. In fact, when many couples try to resolve an argument in the heat of the moment, they tend to only find themselves becoming more and more upset.

Advantages of Putting Distance Between Yourself and the Argument

Instead of resolving the argument before bed, Mahoney suggests you take some time every night to tell your partner what is good about your marriage, kiss goodnight, and discuss the matter in the morning. By doing so, you and your partner can:

  • Come back to the argument with a clearer mind
  • Avoid saying anything you might regret
  • Get some much needed sleep

So, if you and your partner find yourselves arguing late into the night, consider the virtue of sleeping on the whole matter. Morning will come, and you can resolve it then with clearer minds.

Talk with a Marriage Counselor in Austin About Conflict Resolution

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