Building Boundaries in Your Marriage

Healthy boundaries help protect and define the relationship between couples in a marriage. With solid boundaries set, a good marriage can become even better. Ultimately, boundaries allow you to define what you are comfortable with, and subsequently bring a sense of freedom to a marriage within which both couples can grow. If you find yourself having difficulty saying “no,” or regularly feel obligated, identifying boundaries could be a vital step to empowering yourself.

Benefits of Boundaries

Establishing boundaries can be a great strategy to overcoming any unwanted patterns in a marriage that could lead to problems down the road. Some benefits of boundaries include:

  • They help couples understand friction points and avoid hurt feelings
  • They help keep a marriage grounded in reality
  • Maintaining personal boundaries shows respect for your spouse
  • They establish an architecture for your marriage
  • Both couples have the freedom to grow

Setting the right kind of boundaries on your own can be challenging. Fortunately, an Austin marriage counselor can help you and your spouse through the process of setting realistic boundaries for a healthy, long-lasting marriage.

Contact an Austin Marriage Counselor for Help

If you believe that setting healthy boundaries could benefit your marriage, the next step is speaking with an experienced professional who can guide you through this process as a couple. Kathleen Snyder has years of experience counseling couples and can offer realistic strategies for the enhancement and growth of your relationship. Call (512) 659-8600 today to inquire further or set up an appointment.