Common Sources of Marital Conflict

Marriage can be a lot of work for both spouses, and sometimes it might end in conflict between the couple. When disagreements arise, they can cause strain in a relationship and can make marriage even more challenging. While every marriage has its own unique sources of conflict, there are also several common issues that cause conflicts in many marriages. Fortunately though, couples who disagree over these common or even less common issues can potentially work through these disagreements and restore the love and intimacy in your marriage with the help of a marriage counselor.

Common Conflict Issues

With all of the work and sacrifice that a marriage requires, certain disagreements are bound to arise now and then. For instance, some common sources of disagreements between spouses that tend to give rise to problems in a marriage include:

  • Different cultural beliefs or upbringings
  • Disagreements about having and raising children
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Disagreements about money management

All of these issues can create conflict in a marriage, and when this conflict is not resolved, resentment can also arise. Sadly, many couples find themselves resenting their spouse, when counseling might have helped them work through their various issues.

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