Different Kinds of Infidelity

If you or your partner has committed an act of infidelity, your relationship is likely to have been affected severely as a result. For most couples, an affair signals disinterest in the relationship and is just the start of a series of arguments and emotional trauma. However, not all affairs result in separation or divorce. In fact, for couples willing to work past the guilt and pain, relationships tend to end up even stronger after the affair because a new level of openness and honesty is achieved. Although the road ahead for such couples can be a difficult one, for those couples willing to work it out, the benefits of relationship counseling are sure to outweigh the costs and difficulties. Fortunately for residents of Austin, Kathleen Snyder has the experience and qualifications necessary to help a couple dealing with infidelity move past this difficult time.

Types of Infidelity

Many consider infidelity to be when a partner engages in an intimate relationship with another person. However, the term covers a broader range of circumstances, including:

  • Emotional infidelity – when your partner discloses their deepest feelings to someone else
  • Office flings – long workdays can mean a partner seeks attention while away from home
  • Internet infidelity – social networks can be used to meet people online using anonymous profiles
  • Sexual infidelity – can be a one-night stand or a lasting affair

Not all affairs are sexual. If your partner has committed infidelity of any kind mentioned above, it could compromise your relationship and trust.

Discuss the Different Kinds of Infidelity with an Austin Relationship Counselor

If your marriage is suffering because of an act of infidelity by your partner, it can be emotionally painful and traumatic. Fortunately, when both parties are willing to work on the relationship, marriage counseling can help you rebuild your trust and relationship. To schedule a consultation with marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder of MFT, call 512-659-8600 today.