Effects of Drifting Apart

It’s fairly common knowledge that marriage can be extremely difficult at times, and that if couples do not try to work through their differences or problems, a general “drifting apart” may happen. Drifting apart can mean that couples simply do not feel connected to one another any longer, and they may begin to see and speak to one another less and less frequently. This effect can take its toll on a marriage, even leading to a separation or divorce if the couple doesn’t try to work on the problem. Fortunately, recognizing that you and your spouse might be drifting apart is the first step towards getting help and fixing your partnership.

What Happens When You Are Drifting Apart

Drifting apart can have many different effects, both on couples together and on the individuals in a marriage separately. However, some common signs that this is occurring in your marriage include:

  • Going for days not speaking to your spouse
  • Feeling resentful toward your spouse
  • Not feeling loved; feeling neglected
  • Entertaining the idea of being unfaithful
  • Negative reactions of children or loved ones

All of these effects could be the result of drifting apart. However, just because you feel you and your partner are drifting apart or are unhappy does not mean that your problems cannot be fixed or that you cannot make your marriage stronger.

Get the Help of an Austin Marriage Counselor

Experienced marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder of Marriage Like New diligently works to help couples in Austin who have found themselves drifting apart. Through marriage counseling, you and your partner can work on restoring communication and intimacy, which can reverse the effects of drifting apart over time. Call 512-659-8600 to find out how marriage counseling might be right for you.