Focusing on Affair Recovery

You might be distressed and upset because your spouse had an affair with another person. Affairs are extremely difficult to face, especially emotionally, and they can take their toll on your marriage. While marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder understands the ramifications an affair can have on an Austin couple, she also believes in affair recovery, and the ability of couples to overcome an affair and rebuild their relationship. Affair recovery does take focus and commitment from couples, but many marriages are salvaged through counseling.

What’s Involved in Affair Recovery?

Recovering from an affair focuses on a couple working to rebuild their trust and partnership. Because of the doubts and suspicions that often plague a person after an affair, recovery can be difficult but is possible. With affair recovery couples can focus on rebuilding their relationship through the following:

  • Admittance of the affair
  • Apologizing for harm the affair caused
  • Explaining and understanding impetus for affair
  • Negotiating strategies for couples’ therapy
  • Talking about enhancing communication
  • Renewing commitments to one another

All of these strategies could be a part of affair recovery, though every individual situation will be personally and privately handled differently, based on the needs of you and your spouse.

Contact a Marriage Counselor

Your marriage does not have to be over because of an indiscretion. If you and your spouse want to recover from an affair and its impact on your marriage, then Kathleen Snyder at Marriage Like New can work with you through affair recovery. To schedule a consultation to talk with an experienced counselor, call 512-659-8600.