How Conflict and Resentment Can Hurt Your Relationship

In any relationship, it is normal for arguments to occur on occasion, and two people who spend enough time together are bound to unintentionally hurt each other’s feelings at times. However, in some relationships, these disagreements can unfortunately become a regular pattern, serving as a source of stress for both partners and potentially straining their relationship. It can be difficult to determine at what point “normal” forms of conflict become a more serious problem, but once either one or both individuals begin to experience lingering resentment against the other, it is typically a sign that the relationship is in need of professional assistance to help establish a more open, trusting bond between the couple. Fortunately, Austin-area couples can turn to the knowledgeable conflict and resentment therapist Kathleen Snyder for help.

Causes of Conflict and Resentment

Conflict and resentment in a relationship can be caused by a wide range of factors. Although some couples can cite a distinct issue or recurring disagreement as the main cause of their conflict, the resentment that builds from this problem is often due to the following:

  • Lack of open communication
  • Unequal divisions of relationship responsibilities
  • Failure to make concessions to partner
  • Failure to respect partner’s wishes

While some of these issues may be difficult to overcome, they are rarely insurmountable, especially when couples enlist the help of a dedicated professional counselor. With hard work and a commitment to resolution, conflict and resentment can often be handled effectively.

Talk to a Conflict and Resentment Counselor in Austin

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