How Extended Family Members Can Affect Your Marriage

Relationship struggles between married couples can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, external forces such as the words or actions of extended family members can take a toll on a married couple’s relationship.

Not everyone has the most loving and understanding extended family. Fortunately, issues coming from family members and in-laws can be put to an end through the help of a marriage counselor. Whether your issues are coming from extended family or from something totally unique, marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder at Marriage Like New may be able to help.

How Family Members Can Cause Strain on a Marriage:

  • Attempting to break the marriage apart
  • Abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Relying on the couple for money, housing, etc.
  • Causing conflict within the family
  • Lacking respect for the couple

These issues can quickly become difficult to tolerate. Once they begin taking a visible toll on your marriage and on your life, larger issues may arise. If one or more of these problems is occurring and adversely affecting your marriage, you may want to seek help from a marriage counselor.

Contact an Austin Marriage Counselor

Marriage counseling may be a viable option for you if an extended family member is acting in a troublesome way towards you and your spouse.

Marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder at Marriage Like New helps couples in and around Austin through a variety of therapy topics and techniques. Call 512-659-8900 to learn more about how she may be able to help get you get over the obstacles in your relationship.