Maintaining a Steady Tone During a Disagreement

Sometimes, it can be very easy to feel upset with your spouse – especially if he or she says or does something that outright contradicts what you believe. When a heated argument begins to erupt, many people mistakenly think that whoever has the loudest voice during a disagreement will win, but there are benefits to instead maintaining a steady tone of voice. Raising your voice might allow you to vent some frustration and make you feel better in the heat of the moment, but more often than not, you may later end up feeling regret about losing your temper. Marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder helps couples in Austin work through their disagreements in healthy ways, and maintaining one’s tone of voice can be one of these.

Benefits of Maintaining an Even Tone

There are numerous benefits of maintaining a steady tone of voice during a disagreement, just like there are drawbacks to raising your voice. Some of the benefits of even tone include:

  • Appearance of calm: this can make it easier for you and your spouse to open up
  • Sense of control: managing tone can make it easier for you to control your emotions
  • Appearance of fairness: a calm tone suggests you are reasonable
  • Avoidance of escalation: yelling can make things worse by escalating tone and action

These benefits might help you decide to maintain your tone of voice when disagreeing with a spouse, and might help you solve a disagreement sooner.

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