Negotiating Differences in Parenting Styles

You may see eye-to-eye with your spouse on a lot of things, but perhaps the two of you struggle with differences in parenting styles. This is a common problem for a lot of married couples and can lead to tension in other areas of your marriage. However, there are numerous negotiation strategies that can help couples resolve their differences in parenting styles, and professional marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder focuses on helping Austin couples meet in the middle. With her experienced assistance, you and your spouse can become better at communication and develop a positive parenting method that works best for your children and your marriage.

Moving Past Differences in Parenting Styles

There are several negotiation techniques that a marriage counselor might employ to help married couples effectively deal with differences in parenting style. For example, the following may help you and your spouse reach a compromise:

  • Making lists of positive and negative attributes of each style
  • Finding areas where these styles complement one another
  • Developing a parenting plan that utilizes the best of both styles
  • Allowing equal amounts of parenting from each individual
  • Never contradicting one parent’s style or decisions in front of the children

These strategies might make negotiating a compromise much easier when parents are contending with differing parenting styles. This can also help improve the quality of your marriage by encouraging communication and getting rid of any conflict or resentment that may exist due to these differences.

Get Help Negotiating Differences in Parenting Styles in Austin

If you and your spouse are struggling to combine different parenting styles, you might benefit from the help of a licensed marriage counselor in Austin. Contact Kathleen Snyder today at 512-659-8600 to discuss counseling services and how an LMFT can help you work through your different parenting styles.