Rebuilding Friendship In Your Marriage

When you married your spouse, he or she was the love of your life, your closest confidant and your best friend. Sometimes arguing and other relationship problems results in the deterioration of your relationship, and the intimate friendship you once shared become absent. When you and your spouse can no longer remain loving, or even cordial, steps can be taken to renew the initial friendship you once enjoyed and cherished.

Encouraging Friendship Between You and Your Spouse

If you are feeling distant from your spouse, it may be important to begin renewing the friendship your marriage was built upon. There are many ways you can do this, including:

  • Participate in activities you used to enjoy together
  • Try to replicate the compatibility you once shared
  • Participate in outings with children or extended family
  • Discuss why the communication has suffered

These are just a few ways to attempt to regain cordiality within your marriage. By locating the common ground you once shared and learning to enjoy each other’s company again, the friendship that was once the foundation of your marriage may begin to rekindle.

Contact an Austin Marriage Counselor

If you and your spouse feel distant from each other and need help learning to connect again, marriage counseling may be the best option for you. Kathleen Snyder, an experienced marriage and family therapist, can guide you through your communication problems and help you regain compatibility in your relationship. For more information on marriage counseling in Austin and how to regain intimacy and friendship between you and your spouse, contact our offices at Marriage Like New by calling 512-659-8900 today.