Recovering From Resentment in Marriage

Marriage should be characterized by love, friendship and compassion. When these words no longer describe a marriage, there is likely a problem that needs to be recognized. One way in which a marriage becomes strained is through one spouse’s resentment of the other. This feeling results in repressed anger and expressed frustration or hostility. Finding the root of resentment is a difficult process, but this is crucial to re-building a happy and healthy marriage. Fortunately, couples can be guided through this process with the help of an experienced marriage counselor.

Possible Sources of Resentment

There are many situations in a marriage that may cause resentment between spouses, and it is important to learn the source of your negative feelings in order to begin moving past them. Some common reasons for resentment are:

  • Unaddressed problems or habits
  • Lack of communication and understanding
  • History of extramarital affair
  • Lack of common interests
  • Harsh arguments

Locating the root of resentment is the first step to beginning the process of recovery in your relationship. If you believe that resentment is harming your relationship with your spouse, a licensed marriage counselor could be imperative in repairing your marriage. Realizing that the issue is present and reaching out for help is a critical step to making a positive change in your lives.

Contact an Austin Marriage Counselor

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