Should You Move Out While Working on Marriage?

When you and your spouse are having difficulty in your marriage and even being around them seems too difficult, you may feel as if moving into another place temporarily will be the best idea. While in some cases this may be true, there are many situations in which this will only further the rift between you and your partner or will make it more difficult to repair the problems in your relationship.

At Marriage Like New, marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder understands that it can be tempting for couples in Austin to move out when they are experiencing difficulty; however, there can be certain drawbacks to doing this that you should consider first.

Drawbacks of Moving Out

Getting your own space while working on your marriage might seem like a good idea, but it can come with drawbacks and complications you might not have considered. Some of these drawbacks can include:

  • Spending more money by having two mortgages or rents
  • Not seeing children or pets as much
  • Creating emotional distance from spouse through physical distance
  • Making it easier to not go home ever
  • Less use of shared pronouns like “we,” “our,” and “us,” which can distance you from your spouse
  • Confusion or upset in the family and for children

These issues can actually make getting your own place while going through marriage counseling worse, so it’s important to talk with your counselor about your considerations.

Contact a Marriage Counselor in Austin

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