Signs that You May Need Marriage Counseling

As the number of distractions in our modern society continues to grow, it seems harder and harder to maintain a happy marriage. Our busy lives make it difficult to focus on each other as work commitments and commitments to our children relegate our spouse to a second or even third priority. Unfortunately, this often causes couples to grow apart and reach a point where they feel as if they need help to get their marriage and relationship back on track. Fortunately, by speaking with a marriage counselor, you can get a better idea of whether counseling is right for you and your partner.

Six Signs Marriage Counseling Is Right for You

The following six signs are good indicators that there is trouble in your marriage and it is time to seek the help a marriage counselor can provide:

  • Communication has deteriorated
  • Feelings of loneliness
  • Someone has had an affair
  • Overly fantasize about being with someone else
  • Small issues lead to big arguments
  • Marriage always seems to focus on negativity

If you feel as if one or more of the signs mentioned above is relevant in your marriage, relationship counseling could be a critical step to reestablishing a strong relationship.

Speak with a Marriage Counselor in Austin Today

If you believe your marriage is experiencing difficulties, you should consider marriage counseling. Most marriages can be fixed if the root of their problem is discovered and a solution is found that satisfies both partners. To learn more about how a marriage counselor can help your marriage, call Kathleen Snyder MFT today at 512-659-8600.