Strategies for Communicating about Difficult Topics

Having a successful marriage almost always comes down to how successful a couple communicates, both about every day matters and more long-term, difficult topics. However, when it comes to talking about difficult topics, communication can be particularly difficult, especially if they place you or your spouse in a vulnerable position. Fortunately, though, there are many strategies that struggling couples can practice to make these conversations somewhat easier.

Helpful Communication Strategies

It is important for couples to know that there is no one right way to communicate about difficult matters. However, it is important for a couple to find out what works for them and what strategies they can use. Some common strategies that many couples try, though, include:

  • Avoid raising your voice
  • Avoid accusations. This puts people on the defensive.
  • Phrase in terms of “I,” rather than “You,” such as “I feel,” rather than “You did…”
  • Find a quiet place to talk and avoid distractions
  • Make eye contact and try to maintain physical contact

Communication and intimacy are such important aspects of a healthy marriage, making it critical to develop strategies that allow you and your partner to successfully communicate.

Get Communication Strategies from an Austin Marriage Counselor

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