The Affair Recovery Process

An affair is one of the most damaging issues that a couple can face. When one partner cheats on the other, not only can it cause deep, immediate emotional pain, but it can also lead to lasting resentment and even obstacles to sexual intimacy. By violating the trust and commitment of the other partner, an affair can undermine the very foundation of a relationship. Sadly, many relationships simply cannot withstand this type of damage.

However, for some couples, it is possible to recover from an affair. This process is rarely easy or short, but it can forge a relationship that is even stronger than before. Fortunately, a knowledgeable licensed marriage therapist can help Austin couples restore the bonds that the affair may have broken.

Steps for Affair Recovery

There is no defined process for couples who attempt affair recovery. Every couple is different, and the circumstances in which the affair occurred can play a significant role in determining how the recovery process will proceed. Nevertheless, there are a few general steps that are usually necessary for affair recovery. These include:

  • Rebuilding trust
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Communicating fully and openly
  • Identifying the causes of infidelity

While there is no guarantee that a relationship will recover from the damage caused by an affair, these steps can help to rebuild the foundation on which recovery may occur.

Learn More About Affair Recovery from a Therapist in Austin

If your relationship has been damaged by infidelity and you are interested in affair recovery, you should consult with an experienced marriage counselor to discuss your options. Contact Kathleen Snyder today at 512-659-8600 to learn more about how you can begin the recovery process after an affair.