The Hazards of Lack of Communication

Marriage can be very difficult, especially if spouses are not communicating with one another effectively. Lack of communication can worsen or even cause marital conflict, and this absent communication can lead to all sorts of disagreements and resentment. Reestablishing communication between spouses is an important way to restore the love and partnership of a marriage or long-term relationship, but it can be difficult without professional help. Austin-area couples can turn to licensed couples therapist Kathleen Snyder for help with overcoming a lack of communication in their relationship.

Why Communication Matters

Effective communication between spouses or long-term partners is an important part of any relationship, which is why it is often considered the cornerstone of a stable, successful partnership. Communication matters for many reasons, as it performs the following duties:

  • Provides an outlet for healthy debate and reasoning
  • Keeps spouses on the “same page” of various issues
  • Allows partners to confide in each other for support
  • Encourages the building of intimacy, including sexual intimacy
  • Enhances unity and bonding

Sadly, sometimes communication lines are lost between spouses due to conflict or other issues, making relationships much more difficult. Fortunately, a professional counselor can help couples understand and utilize several methods to reestablish effective communication, solidifying their partnership.

Talk to a Marriage Counselor in Austin About Your Lack of Communication Issues

Marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder understands that communication is a critical part of making any marriage or long-term relationship work, which is why many Austin couples have turned to her for help with lack of communication issues. If you and your spouse want to work on your relationship with professional, compassionate help, contact Kathleen Snyder today by calling 512-659-8600.