Common Issues When Balancing Work and Family Life

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Unfortunately, issues with balancing work responsibilities and family life commonly arise among couples, causing discord. While arguments that occur due to work and family life balance can be the result of many different issues or problems, some of the most common include:

  • Disagreements about amount of time spent at work
  • Feeling underappreciated when caring for children or other family
  • Difficulty maintaining lines of communication
  • Missing children’s events, school activities, or even family vacations
  • Pressure to work more because of a demanding boss or stressful job situation

Although these issues can create tension in your marriage, there are ways to work through them.

Developing a work and family life balance that suits both you and your partner is an important part of sustaining a happy marriage. If you and your partner in Austin are experiencing difficulties finding a good balance, marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder can help you work through these arguments to reestablish unity and balance.  Call 512-659-8600 to talk about your situation.