Couples of the same age more likely to stay together

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An online report by The Atlantic published on November 9, presented a study that showed marrying someone your age may contribute to a longer, happier marriage.

The study, which collected data from more than 3,000 polled couples in the U.S. who were recently married and divorced, found that couples with smaller age gaps were more likely to stay married than couples whose ages were far apart. According to the report, decreased age differences may mean more shared cultural reference points and familiar life experiences.

Although age difference is considered one of the many predictors of how long a marriage might last, experiencing a long and happy marriage requires not just an understanding of statistics and science, but a deep, profound intention to love and care for each other, no matter what the circumstances might be. Marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder from Austin can help you maintain the strong, loving connection that keeps your relationship alive. Call us at 512-659-8600 to schedule an appointment today.