“Divorce-Proof” Your Marriage

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Many of us often wonder if we will really be together forever with the one we marry. It seems in today’s world, we can’t be so sure anymore that a ring on our left ring finger means forever. However, that reality can change. Fox News Magazine recently released an article discussing 10 ways in which couples could attempt to “divorce-proof” their marriage.

Here are a few tips worth sharing:

  • Find emotional support from someone other than your spouse – While you should certainly go to your spouse in times of trouble, you don’t need to keep them constantly updated on every minor setback of your day. It’s a good idea to instead share these things with either a professional or friend so that you save emotionally positive conversations for your spouse.
  • Make the relationship a priority – It seems inevitable that as our lives go on, we gradually spend less and less time with our spouses, but that should not be the case. In the end, when there’s no more work to go to and no more children to take care of, you two, ideally, will be left with each other. Your spouse is the most important person in the world and should be treated accordingly.
  • Learn to listen more and talk less – As humans, we have a need to be heard and understood. Many marital problems stem from lack of communication. This can be avoided if we work on our listening skills and truly focus all of our attention on what our spouse is saying. This will not only help with the marriage itself, but will lead to a more enriching life together in general.

The above skills in a relationship are crucial. If you and your spouse in Austin need help building or working on these skills, or in other areas of your relationship, get in touch with Kathleen Snyder by calling (512) 659-8600.