Generosity and kindness makes marriages stronger

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The way to experience a longer, happier union is to respond to each of your partner’s entreaties with kindness, appreciation, and respect, an article published by The National Post reported on July 9. In contrast, the way that many marriages dissolve is through detachment and contempt.

John Gottman, relationship expert in Seattle, asserted through extensive research that day-to-day exchanges is where a marriage either flourishes or wastes away. When one person in a marriage consistently reacts with intimacy and appreciation to a bid for attention by the other, their relationship continues to solidify. This knowledge is crucial when considering that only 30 percent of those who marry continue to experience a life-long, happy union.

The results have proven that stronger and happier marriages thrive in an environment where the couple views the good in each other over the bad. Kathleen Snyder of Marriage Like New helps couples rebuild their marriage into a union founded on kindness, appreciation, and respect. Call 512-659-8600 to schedule an appointment with her.