Heartwarming couple celebrates their 75th wedding anniversary

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“I liked him because he had a car” said Sarah Hrachian, 98, recalling what it was like when she first met Joseph. After 75 years of marriage, Sarah and Joseph Hrachian are still going strong.

On September 3, 1939, Sarah and Joseph celebrated their wedding. Today, this charming couple has three kids, five grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.

Joseph said Sarah caught his eye the first time he met her at church. After four years of courtship in their teens, Joseph and Sarah got married at 23 and 19 years of age, respectively. The couple also noted that their wedding was on the same day as Hitler’s invasion of Poland, when Britain and France declared war on Germany. “Our marriage was a glorious battle ever since, which she usually won,” Joseph mentioned with a chuckle.

Both are still in relatively good health, even though Sarah has been dealing with Parkinson’s. “We look great and nothing hurts,” mentioned Joseph. 

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