My Logos: Old and New

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I love my new logo.  What better image than that of a tree at dawn to capture the enduring, incrementally growing union of couplehood, from sprout to fully contributing giver of life: to children, to community, to extended family, to the inspiration and empowerment of many?

My first logo, created in Seattle, Washington by Puget Counseling Center was also a tree at dawn, none other than the familiar and majestic Texas oak.  Starting my career at PCC in 1986, how was I to know that I’d move back to Texas and adopt this lovely logo for my marriage counseling practice?  Here is a rendition of that logo which I created for PCC as a farewell gift upon my departure in 1993.

My new logo takes the tree image deeper into the meaning of couplehood.  If you look closely you will see that it is two trees in one.  This image gets closer to the meaning at the heart of a marriage that thrives:  two individuals, both growing and learning, becoming stronger in the winds of life, intertwining their lives for the betterment of each other and all.  You’ll find my new logo at the top of any page here on my website.

What image would you create to capture the aspirations of your marriage?